At PepsiCo, diversity and inclusion is about creating a culture of respect and trust that makes our company stronger and allows us to win together. In honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, celebrated each June in the United States, the Chicago chapter of EQUAL, PepsiCo’s LGBT employee resource group, organized an event asking heterosexual PepsiCo associates to become LGBT allies. In three days, 475 associates made the ally pledge, committing to support LGBT equality in the workforce and reinforcing the importance of being a visible supporter. Two Chicago-based associates who helped lead the Ally Pledge Week share why PepsiCo LGBT allies are such an important, but often underutilized asset: Cory Calvin: Some LGBT individuals fear that if they come out that their good relationships with colleagues will change and their colleagues may treat th em differently. Our goal is to create a safe environment for everyone... Read more

Last week, PepsiCo celebrated 10 years of partnership with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), a career development organization that helps high-potential minorities unlock their potential by building skill sets and providing coaching opportunities. Its mission is to help develop the next generation of minority leaders, for the corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial sectors, who will in turn have a transformational impact on our communities. PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation have partnered with MLT to support its mission and goals. Currently, 15 former MLT program participants work at PepsiCo. Two of those are Pablo Merheb, director of marketing with Fritos brand and dips, and Daniel J. Rodriguez, a zone sales leader with Frito-Lay North America. Pablo and Daniel describe below how MLT and its partnerships with companies like PepsiCo provided valuable career development opportunities. The MLT MBA Prep (MBAP) Program is an incredible and humbling experience for those interested in... Read more

At PepsiCo, Performance with Purpose is our goal to deliver sustained value for our business, for the planet and the communities in which we live and work. For me, and many others at PepsiCo, Performance with Purpose is the reason we joined the company, and it remains at the heart of what we do and the decisions we make in our professional roles. But this powerful idea also applies to life outside of work. For me, it’s about living in the moment, and being very deliberate, thoughtful and intentional. I have two young children and it’s an understatement to say that life is hectic at home. There is just so much to do, and so much I want to do, every day. Sometimes it’s easy to just get swept along with the pace of daily life, and to chase, rather than savor, each moment. Performing with purpose, then, is... Read more

The theme for World Water Day 2013, the International Year of Cooperation, suits PepsiCo perfectly. I’ve written in the past about the importance of collaboration if we are to have a chance of successfully addressing the global water crisis. PepsiCo understands that by working together, we can make the biggest impact on global challenges like water. Read more

A message from Pamela Culpepper, senior vice president, Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer – PepsiCo Today, the world will celebrate International Women’s Day. Twenty-seven countries, including China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, to name a few, have even designated this 105-year-old event a national holiday. The question is, will you pledge support? This extraordinary celebration of women’s equality began in 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. They’ve come along way, considering that last week, women executives from leading global businesses like Yahoo!, Facebook and Hewlett-Packard have dominated the news. The conversation on working conditions and pay for women in business continues to be dynamic, vibrant and capable of changing worldviews. It goes without saying that our own Chairman and CEO, Indra Nooyi, is invested in this dialogue. In honor of the contribution women make around the world... Read more

Food represents a core part of any culture. Flavors bind us together, carrying deep cultural traditions as well as sheer pleasure and comfort. So food makers can succeed or fail in any given market based on their understandings of local culinary traditions and tastes. For PepsiCo, as one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, the winning formula in emerging markets is the combination of local tastes and blockbuster global brands. In Russia, PepsiCo’s second largest market after North America, and where PepsiCo is the No. 1 food and beverage company with around twice the sales of its nearest competitor, superior local knowledge has been a critical part of the recipe for success. Present in the market for five decades, PepsiCo has made its Pepsi, Mirinda and Lipton brands well-established parts of the consumer landscape. Equally, PepsiCo has a stable of winning local products, such as... Read more

We were excited to recently welcome Bloomberg Businessweek to go behind the scenes of our business in Russia, our largest market outside the United States. It was a great opportunity to show firsthand why PepsiCo  is in such a strong position across the country with eight of the top 20 food and beverage brands. Read the full article on our portfolio, our people and our strategy in the region. Spread over nine time zones, Russia is a tough feat to cover in just a few days, so we developed an itinerary that included a range of location visits and meetings that would provide a rich experience. I was lucky enough to take part in the trip. Some of the elements included: Lunch in a local Russian family’s home to help the reporter understand what makes Russian consumers tick and how they use our products in their everyday lives.... Read more

Russia’s economy is expanding at a breakneck pace. It’s well-positioned as third largest trading partner for the European Union and the 20th for the U.S. The country boasts 140 million potential consumers, and its growing middle class has demonstrated a desire for the latest cars, electronics, appliances and convenient foods and beverages. Including CIS countries, the market is made up of 350 million consumers, larger than the U.S. and even more compelling. Russia is truly a land of opportunity for manufacturers and multinationals of all types. Yet many multinationals remain strangers to the region. Others are working fast to play catch-up and make inroads. Conversely, PepsiCo has been a part of Russian culture for over 50 years, and its relationship with Russia has grown only closer. It was in 1959 when Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev shared a glass of Pepsi Cola for the... Read more

As our celebration of Black History Month comes to a close, I take special pride in recalling the pivotal role that PepsiCo has played in opening the doors of corporate America – and new opportunities for economic prosperity – to African-Americans. More than 70 years ago – long before diversity was the widely accepted priority in business that it is today – Pepsi was attacking the color barrier. In the 1940s, we broke new ground by granting franchises to people of color. Also early that decade, we became one of the first corporations to hire African-Americans for white-collar positions, creating an all-black “Special Markets Team” (pictured at right) to sell Pepsi to what was then called the “Negro” market. In doing so we, Pepsi, were the first large American business, and arguably the leader, in recognizing African-Americans as valuable employees and consumers. I can’t help but think of what it... Read more

Diversity and inclusion are key values that produce positive outcomes. At PepsiCo, they help leaders understand marketplace and workforce trends. We find that linking diversity and inclusion to our business strategies results in a rich tapestry of resources and value, enhancing performance, productivity and – best of all – improving customer satisfaction. Yet our mission is not yet accomplished. Throughout the business world, there lurks an unfortunate truth: African-Americans remain under-represented in senior-level management. So, as I write this blog entry today, in the middle of Black History Month, I want to address my message specifically to the young and promising African-American executives in our company. Step up. Step out. Strive to earn a position in the higher echelons of our company. We need you. You’re at the right place to do it. PepsiCo has a proud history of leadership and firsts in terms of diverse senior management.... Read more