Clear Economic Sense by Investing in Female Talent  

35 PepsiCo Women Executives from 11 Countries Meet at the Summit of Women in Istanbul, Turkey 

For 21 years, the Global Summit of Women has represented the future, engendering peace worldwide and bringing solutions, while continuously developing a new breed of leadership. 

Close to 1,000 women leaders across the globe met in Istanbul, Turkey from May 5-7 to share strategies with the purpose of not only advancing women’s lives economically, but to ensure global prosperity.  Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan led its opening. 

Umran Beba, PepsiCo Asia Pacific Region President also spoke at the Summit on Saturday, May 7 with the session, “Leading Diversity from the Top: The CEO Perspective”. 

Muge Coskun, PepsiCo’s Seer Procurement Director, says the summit is a “great opportunity to be externally focused” within a diverse environment to see both entrepreneurial and corporate approaches generate different viewpoints. 

In response to the various panels and presentations, Deniz Akturk Erdem, PepsiCo Beverages Marketing Director said, “It was clear that raising the glass ceiling over women wasn’t a one-way investment, but a clear, positive and holistic impact on business results.” 

Look forward to our on-going coverage of the event, notable insights from PepsiCo’s women leadership as well as multimedia content showcasing the various cultures and initiatives.   

Additional programming at the event included:    

  • Partnerships Advancing Economic Opportunities for Women and Girls
  • Regional and Global Megatrends Impacting on Economic Growth
  • Forum of Women CEOs: Trends Affecting the 21st Century Workplace
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: A Market Imperative?
  • Water –The ‘Oil’ of the 21st Century – and Women 

Umran Beba, PepsiCo Asia Pacific Region President speaking at ”Leading Diversity from the Top: The CEO Perspective”.