If you haven’t heard, providing more sustainable packaging is a major commitment of PepsiCo as we aim to minimize the impact of our business on the environment. Research shows consumers support our efforts: according to a Beveragepulse.com study, 94% of consumers are concerned about the eco effects of beverage packaging.

Listening to consumers, PepsiCo’s Foodservice division, which brings Pepsi products to restaurants, stadiums, theme parks and colleges and universities (the latter leading requests for green cup options), has announced it’s now offering a portfolio of eco-friendly recyclable cups and compostable cups made from renewable sources. Moreover, we’ve ensured that the cups are of highest quality and competitively-priced with standard cup options. Watch the video to take a look at their cool new, green designs!

While many people think to recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans, we hope to make consumers and customers more aware that they can properly recycle or compost our cups and divert them from our landfills.

Make sure to be on the lookout for the new cups – I can’t wait to see them in the market.  If you spot one, take a picture and share it with us @PepsiCo on Twitter, or tag it with ‘PepsiCo’ on Facebook.

*Correction: The compostable Ecotainer paper cup featured in this video is actually made from 100 percent renewable materials, not 50 percent as the cup displays.