Never dream too big: From Inspiring Kenyan Runners to Building Hospitals

“What does a hospital have to do with old running shoes?”   That’s the question I’ve been getting ever since Shoe4Africa, an organization which I founded in the nineties to collect running shoes for the people of Africa, announced its latest, boldest goal: to build the largest public teaching children’s hospital in East Africa, to be located in Eldoret Kenya.        It was back in 1995 that I was taken by the true charity and kindness of the people of Kenya, and my desire to help their people has never waned. It started off with the simple idea to give shoes and solve a conspicuous need. It turns out, foreigners sending a pair of running shoes overseas did much more than prevent the disease hookworm. It gave hope to another generation of Kenyan runners, many who see the sport as an avenue to pursue their biggest dreams.  One of... Read more