Location, Location, Location

josh_karpf_geomI recently had the opportunity to attend a great conference, GeoM, The Future of Location, at Microsoft NERD in Boston, put on by Allen Gerritsen and the Boston AdClub. The event focused on the future of location-based social networks such as Foursquare, Gowalla and Where.com. While the use of such networks, which allow users to broadcast locations and unlock rewards, is small to date, they have the potential to become a powerful way to connect users and their worlds. As marketers, they present a unique opportunity to present custom offers to consumers; and let them opt in or out as they please . As you may know, PepsiCo recently partnered with Foursquare to develop programs leveraging its platforms. But there are a variety of different services with potential. Recently, PepsiCo created Pepsi Loot, a mobile application which lets users locate and “check in” to Pepsi-serving restaurants near their current location. Every three check-ins unlocks a song. Read more