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PepsiCo’s PepsiCorps program doubling in size in 2012; will include clean water project in India

PepsiCo’s PepsiCorps launch team just reviewed nearly 100 applications from employees around the globe, and it has been incredible to see the passion and enthusiasm for PepsiCorps and Performance with Purpose. As we prepare to announce the PepsiCorps semi-finalists for 2012, we are also thrilled to announce that this year PepsiCorps will be doubling in size, offering two programs staffed by two separate teams of PepsiCo associates. Read more

Leaderful (Not Leaderless)

I saw it in Denu, Ghana… and in Zuccotti Park, lower Manhattan… and it quite possibly could be the future of Leadership. Read more

What’s in a Name?

There are many beautiful things about Ghana, from the warm people to the picturesque landscape to the rich traditions. One other little known item is the beautiful names. Sure, there are more familiar names like David, Mary, and Thomas. However, I’ve noticed some other gorgeous names, like Freedom, Prosper, Wisdom, Bright, Promise and Shine. There are even some great team names, but a little more on that later. Not only are these names pleasant to the ear, they are also symbolic reminders of the importance of increasing access to clean water. Read more

PepsiCorps – Ghana 2011, A Reflection

Many blogs were written during our 4 weeks in Denu, Ghana about the location and projects on which we worked, along with pieces about the culture, the people and places visited. Now that our project has come to close, it’s time to reflect a little on what was accomplished during our time and provide some context to the work completed. Read more

PepsiCorps Ghana Provides Final Proposals To Local Communities

The team has been on the ground for 4 weeks and has just delivered its recommendations to the District Assembly, community Chiefs, elders and thought leaders, Regional Tourism representatives (i.e. provincial) along with many other stakeholders in the future of this beautiful part of Ghana. It is hard to believe but our time in Ghana is coming to a close. Read more

Our Neighborhood in Ghana

The PepsiCorps team has been staying in the town of Denu, which is located in the Volta Region of Ghana. Denu is on the Gulf of Guinea and as a result, fishing and farming are the major sources of income. The Vilcabamba Hotel, our home away from home, is situated in a small community, surrounded by gardens. Read more

Letting Go…

Last week I spoke about our teamwork - a highly functional collaborative community. Here are some lessons I have learned… Read more

The Challenge of Safe Water Provision In Ghana

Safe and clean water have different meanings in Ghana. Clean water refers to water provided by the government from bore wells and piped to a water tower for distribution to central community taps or from wells accessed with hand pumps such as can still be viewed on some farms in Canada. There it is sold to the community who typically pick it up in 20 litre jerry cans or large bowls and carry it home on their heads, sometimes many kilometers. Read more

Teamwork In Action In Ghana

Two weeks into our assignment and I cannot believe we are a team of eight with no appointed leader. We are a small community driven by a purpose. Read more

The Adaptability of the Human Spirit

"You are welcomed!" chanted all the students as we walked into each classroom of the schools we will be working with as part of the service portion of PepsiCorps. Every Friday we will teach both elementary and junior high school students about personal hygiene. In preparation for our lessons, we spoke with school officials to get input on the hygiene lessons currently being taught, as well as how we might be able to help the schools. Read more

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