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PepsiCo and World Water Day 2013: International Year of Cooperation

The theme for World Water Day 2013, the International Year of Cooperation, suits PepsiCo perfectly. I’ve written in the past about the importance of collaboration if we are to have a chance of successfully addressing the global water crisis. PepsiCo understands that by working together, we can make the biggest impact on global challenges like water. Read more

Partnering to Improve Rural Water and Sanitation in Colombia

Co-authored by Silvia Ortiz-Stradtmann, Water and Sanitation Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank The PepsiCo Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), together with other partners, are in Colombia today for the official launch of a series of pilot projects to tackle water and sanitation challenges faced in rural Colombian communities. The projects will test and develop innovative models to provide sustainable water and sanitation services to underserved communities. Water and sanitation play a significant role in poverty eradication, health and education and are intrinsically linked to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In countries like Colombia, there continue to be challenges in reaching the water related MDGs given that there is only a 45% water and 16.8% sanitation coverage in the country’s rural areas. The AquaFund – a program supported with funds from the IDB, the PepsiCo Foundation, the government of Switzerland, and the government of Austria – provides grants... Read more

Partnering to Meet the Challenges of Water and Food Security

Partnership, which is a vital part of PepsiCo’s global approach to water stewardship, was a major theme of keynotes, panels and workshops, as well as informal discussions on the main exhibition floor. Attendees recognized that innovative solutions can arise from partnerships and collaboration across business, government and NGOs to help make water conservation and management a priority worldwide. Read more

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture at World Water Week

This week, businesses, governments and NGOs came together for the annual World Water Week conference in Stockholm. PepsiCo hosted three events, and participated in several others, focused on the nexus between water and sustainable agriculture. Of the three events we hosted, one was a small, closed session for two dozen peers and potential partners; the others were panels on the official agenda. One about farm verification programs cohosted with Unilever and BSR and the other about supply chains cohosted with the Columbia Water Center In addition, we gave a keynote presentation in the WBCSD Founders Business Seminar entitled “Water and Energy for Food, Fiber and Fuel.” Read more

How are partnerships helping PepsiCo tackle global water challenges?

PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation rely on the pioneering work of its partners in helping achieve our goals around water access, water efficiency, and positive water impact.  Here are some partner voices from World Water Week in Stockholm: “The PepsiCo Foundation and the Columbia Water Center are working together to meet this challenge through action and research at multiple levels: to develop and promote water saving technologies, and to develop business models for rural water infrastructure provision to understand and influence how changes in energy and water subsidies can be effected to facilitate more efficient use.” – Upmanu Lall, Director, Columbia Water Center “It’s been an incredible journey with the PepsiCo Foundation over the past several years. Working with a partner that is so committed to overcoming the global water crisis through innovative approaches such as WaterCredit is refreshing.” – Gary White, CEO and Cofounder, Water.org “With the PepsiCo Foundation’s support, we have implemented fi... Read more

Celebrating Water Partnerships

Water is a critical resource for PepsiCo and we are seriously committed to its sustainability globally. To enhance our ongoing water stewardship efforts, the PepsiCo Foundation hosted the inaugural Water Partnership Dialogue at corporate headquarters in Purchase, New York in July 2012. For several years, the PepsiCo Foundation has played a leading role in efforts to support PepsiCo’s water sustainability goals. In 2008, we created a diversified portfolio of initiatives and started on a journey to reach three million people with access to safe water by 2015, in tandem with the company’s overall goal to increase access to safe water in water-distressed areas. As part of the journey, we have taken a collaborative and groundbreaking approach to develop multiyear agreements with the China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), The Earth Institute’s Columbia Water Center (CWC), the Safe Water Network (SWN) and Water.org. At our... Read more

PepsiCo is pleased to recognize World Water Day 2012

As a global food and beverage company, this year’s theme, Water and Food Security, is very important to PepsiCo. We believe in good water stewardship and recognize that water is fundamental to our ability to operate efficiently. We help conserve global water supplies and help provide access to safe water. Along with our partners, we engage in multiple ways around this important issue. Here are just a few examples: Check out Dan Bena’s blog, Rethinking Water and Business, where he discusses his “careful celebration” in regards to the recent announcement by the United Nations that the Millennium Development Goal for access to clean water has been reached, ahead of the target date of 2015. Dan also talks about PepsiCo’s belief that water stewardship is an important part of our core business. Our partners at the Earth Institute just did some great infographics that highlight our work together... Read more

Tropicana Pure Premium is 100% OJ – Setting The Record Straight

Recent inaccurate media reports are creating some confusion around Tropicana. As part of the Tropicana team, I’d like to set the record straight so people can rest assured that our flagship brand Tropicana Pure Premium has always been and will continue to be 100% OJ with no added water or sugar. Read more

What Is PepsiCorps Doing In Ghana?

I get asked this question a lot from family and friends trying to understand why this inaugural group is in Denu, Ghana. The location of our work is not as important as the tasks we have been assigned. We have two teams working on important projects designed to improve the quality of life for the people of Denu. They center on Tourism and Clean Water. The team I get to work with (Deepali, Kannan, Monica, and myself) is focused on the latter. Read more

The Promise of a Better Future

The main focus of the clean water and tourism project is to develop sustainable solutions to protect the beaches and lagoons in Ketu South district from improper waste disposal that is negatively affecting the ecosystems, the quality and availability of potable water to the surrounding communities and ultimately their economic development namely in the tourism industry. Read more

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